Friday, March 08, 2019

Five From Brighouse : 5. With Alfred Hitchcock in Brighouse

I am ending this short tour of Brighouse back in the 1960s with a return to the market. There is, however, something slightly odd about this final negative scan. Looking carefully at the young chap towards the right of the group of market shoppers, I have the distinct impression that it might be me. But if it is, who took the photograph? I am sure that I was responsible for the rest of the shots on this particular strip of film, but did I have a sturdy tripod and time delay, or an accommodating assistant? However it was done it appears that, like Alfred Hitchcock, I have made a guest appearance in one of my own films.

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  1. Ali, this thread has been a remarkable series of photographs. They represent photography at its best; as both an art form and social commentary.

    With the The National Museum of Film, Photography and Television (yes, I'm sticking to it's original name) just down the road from you, one would have thought that by now they would have recognized an outstanding local master at the game.


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