Monday, May 25, 2020

Halifax's Answer To A Triumphal Arch

Anyone who has been following the progress of my scans for the last few days will know where I had arrived at by the end of this strip of negatives from the late 1960s. It is Halifax's answer to a triumphal arch: built by the Borough Engineer in 1900 out of stone and cast iron; a monument to the power of hard work and industry. It is the stone steps leading up to Godley Bridge.


  1. My brother knows that I'm not one to flatter, far from it. However, I consider his 1960's/70's photographs of Halifax and locality not only worthy of Bill Brandt but equally of Eric de Mare. This one is a masterpiece.

    Moreover they serve to fulfill the role of all art: that is, to enable us to see beauty that previously had escaped our notice. I have passed over this bridge countless times but never saw.

    1. Praise indeed, Vincent. Thank you.


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