Friday, May 29, 2020

Time And Not Place

I am not quite sure where the next image on the negative strip was taken, but it must have been somewhere between Coley (Image 1) and Hipperholme (Image 3). Half demolished buildings, slag heaps, silhouetted chimneys: it's an image of time rather than place. Hopefully someone will be able to pin down the location: all suggestions will be gratefully received.

1 comment:

  1. Possibly just beyond the Hipperholme road junction, heading towards Brighouse. But the third negative is the lake at what was Sunny Buncers - correct me if I'm wrong - and therefore the picture could have been taken when walking from Hipperholme in that direction.

    Out of curiosity, were the photos from this period taken on the first 35mm camera we purchased from Harnet's? As I remember, the camera had a slight lens flaw. If so, I'm wondering if Photoshop solved the problem.


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