Sunday, March 20, 2022

Harry And Annie


Another photograph from the family archives - this one features my fathers' sister, Annie, with her husband Harry Moore. Precisely dating such photographs is always a challenge, but I would guess that this was taken around the time of their marriage in 1933. By then, Harry would have abandoned his career as a member of a touring entertainment concert party, and settled down to a life working in an office in Bradford. And marriage meant that Annie could leave the local mill and become a full-time housewife. The photograph lacks some of the sophistication visible in photos of the couple taken later in the 1930s. Even if I can't precisely date it, I can perhaps place it on a tentative time-line of their photographic history.

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  1. Annie was my favourite aunty. I wish I could have known her in her younger days. But regardless age, her humour was infectious.

    On being told she was critically ill in hospital I flew back to England to see her for perhaps one last time. I arrived at her ward in the middle of the night and the sister on duty greeted me with the wards: "If that's your aunty you'll have to get her out of here. She's making the other patients laugh when they should be quietly resting. The doctors don't like it. She's doing a better job at curing than what they do".

    When I reach the next world, I'm sure St. Peter will express similar concerns about her disturbing the hallowed halls of heaven.


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