Monday, March 21, 2022

Hebble Secrets


After all these years I can't quite pin down exactly where I took this photograph of the Hebble Brook in Halifax from. Obviously it was down by the, then, Rowntree Mackintosh factory, but I'm not entirely sure whether I was looking north or south. Dating it, is another problem. I have been taking photographs of Halifax for the best part of sixty years, and dating particular shots is always a problem. Once I had crossed the great digital divide twenty years ago, life with all its geotags and time-stamps was easy; but strips of old negatives are much more cautious about sharing their heritage. It post-dates Mackintosh's and pre-dates Nestles, so it belongs to the seventies or early eighties. No doubt, the Hebble Brook will know, but it is even more miserly with information.

The original monochrome image is better than anything I can do by messy around with it, but that didn't stop me having a try.

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  1. I can remember the brouhaha back in 1982 when cover the Nat Geo featured the Pyramids of Giza that had been moved closer. Now tweaking photos is common. Who can forget Oprah Winfrey's head on Ann Margaret's body. I have moved heads of some family members from one photograph to another one taken at the same setting to make a better group photo...but at least it was the same person. Interesting change to your original photo


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