Saturday, March 05, 2022

Sepia Saturday And The Nursing Home For Old And Tired Photographs


Our Sepia Saturday theme image this weeks features the rather grand frontage of the Grosvenor Hotel in London. My contribution also features a hotel, albeit somewhat less grand - the Marine Hotel in Barmouth.

In my room I have a very large box which is filled with old photographs. These are not "family photographs" (there is another box for those), nor are they photographs I took decades ago (there's another box for those, as well); they are photographs of unknown origin. These have either been given to me - I have carefully developed a reputation for being oddly eccentric in my love of tattered old photographs - or have been purchased for next to nothing in second-hand shops and the like. In a sense, my room has become a kind of nursing home for old and tired photographs, a place where they can come to rest and be rejuvenated with the careful application of love and a flat-bed scanner.

My photograph of the Marine Hotel in Barmouth comes from the "Unknown and Unloved" box. It appears that the building is still standing, but is no longer a hotel - it has been converted into a series of apartments. This is a pity, it would have made a good Nursing Home for old and tired photographs.


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  1. I would have loved one of those apartments/rooms with a bay window. I love bay windows having grown up in a house with a bay window in the living room. I now, finally, live in another house with a bay window which is actually the breakfast nook - a perfect place to sit, musing, with a cup of coffee, as I gaze out over the surrounding hills.


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