Friday, September 01, 2023

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I'd like to say I can remember where I was when I took this photograph 33 or so years ago - but I can't. It looks vaguely familiar, but it should do: I was there after all. Did I have longer legs in those days or was I stood on a pier? Let's just call it - "on the sands".

One of the two massive ventilation shafts built for the Springwood railway tunnel in Huddersfield. This is the older of the two shafts and was built in 1848. Its purpose was more to let steam out rather than to let fresh air in.

It's 60 years since I took this photograph. It shows the village of Kinlochleven and its aluminium smelter and hydro-electric works. The aluminium works closed down 20+ years ago, but the hydro-electric plant is still working and producing electricity for the national grid. Kinlochleven was known as the "electric village" in the early 20th century, being the first village in the world to be entirely powered by electricity. 

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