Thursday, July 12, 2007

Busy Dead-Heading The Daisy Tree

I feel the need to respond to all those people who contacted me to find out why there has not been a posting for almost a week. Or rather, I would feel the need to respond if anyone had contacted me. But they haven't. So I won't.

It's just that people were talking the other night. About the sadness of bloggers. About how they were responsible for perpetrating a heinous crime against humanity. About how they had taken something as tedious and dull as the annual Christmas Round-Robin letter and turned it into a new black art : a weapon of mass boredom. I didn't really join in the conversation. I just sat there and looked out of the window. To be quite honest I had difficulty hearing - there was a cock crowing somewhere and this made it difficult for me to pick up what was being said.

Anyway, quite independent of all this I have been very busy these last few days and just haven't had time to submit a posting. We are going on holiday in less than three weeks time and therefore I have had to get the cases out and dust them. It's been go, go, go, all the time. My life is so full at the moment, writing silly blogs is the last thing on my mind.

Must go now, I need to dead-head the daisy trees.

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