Monday, July 23, 2007

Witch Floods

So far, I have been reluctant to mention the heavy rainfall which has plagued many parts of the United Kingdom over recent weeks and resulted in heavy flooding to many areas. The onset of the storms coincided, somewhat uncomfortably, with the final emergence of the blood-blister from beneath my finger nail (see My Finger And The Coming Armageddon). Newspapers have been quick to develop dramatic descriptions for the severity of the downpours. Whilst one paper will claim it has been the "worst rainfall in living memory", another will counter that "the river is at its highest level since records began". I was about to release a story to the media concerning my finger nail, my prophesy of Armageddon, and the deluge when another potential headline came to mind : "the worst weather since the last witch was burnt at the stake". As you will see, I have therefore kept my thoughts to myself.

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