Thursday, November 09, 2006

Delhi Sealing Drive

"To be a well rounded person you need to read a newspaper each day. To be positively circular, you need to read a different newspaper each day" I invented that particular proverb. There is an old Polish proverb which says "Why drink vodka in the rain when you've a cabbage in your garden" (OK, I invented that one as well). Reading a different newspaper each day used to be a challenging task but in the digital age, it is easy (visit and give it a try). Today it was the turn of "The Asia Age" an Indian-based daily. Reading newspapers from different countries always raises more questions than it answers. One of the most intriguing headlines - from the Delhi pages - was "Mild Protests As Sealing Restarts". As far as I can make out the government is sealing buildings which are being used for commercial purposes in residential areas. Rather that move the businesses out or move people in, they seem to just seal the doors. How strange the life of others seems. But there again "A grain of sand is just a tree in the dark" (Yes, that one as well).

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