Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I have never been absolutely sure what "incongruity" meant - until tonight that is. UKTV History have just started re-showing the classic 1970s documentary of World War II "The World At War". Whilst I have seen many of the 26 hour-long episodes before, the chance to catch the series in the age of the DVD recorder is too good to miss. However, the incongruity is not being able to re-run the second world war at a time which fits my social diary, it is the fact that the series is being sponsored by a computer game called "Company of Heroes". Research reveals that this is a highly popular strategy re-enactment of the Western Front in World war II with "cutting-edge graphics" and "remarkable audio". Thus we have World War II sponsored by a computer re-enactment of World War II. Now that's incongruity. My dictionary defines the word "incongruity" as "want of accordance with what is reasonable or fitting; unsuitableness; inappropriateness; absurdity". One's immediate reaction is to rage about the reality of war and sacrifice being cheapened by association with what is nothing more than a form of digital tiddly-winks. But maybe the youth of the 21st century has got it right. Let the game become what is real for people today. Maybe good fun is being cheapened by its association with brutal mass-murder. Maybe I will buy the game.

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