Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Geometric Blues

Yesterday I downloaded a new Mel Torme collection - "Velvet Moods" - for no other reason than it had just been added to Napster and I had never seriously listened to Mel Torme. The material on it was mainly from the late 1940s, many of the pieces being off-air recordings from his 1948 television show. I started by dismissing it, but the music grew on me and by the end of the day I had become quite a fan. Some of the songs are slightly bizarre - none more so than a tune called "Geometric Blues" which seems to have verses made up of mathematical formulae whilst the chorus is a homage to Pythagoras. I had a desperate desire to know who on earth wrote this and to try and unscramble some of the lyrics I couldn't quite catch. So I turned to the web in the fond believe that - by now - all human knowledge is there. But I seem to have beaten the web. I did manage to find out that the tune had been recorded twice (see the wonderful Jazz Discography Site), but other than that I am still in the dark. Does anyone know or have I managed to find a gap in the accumulated knowledge of mankind?

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