Monday, May 21, 2007

Tired Of Life

Over the last few days I have become thoroughly tired of life. I have been longing for it to end, and yesterday I decided that if it was not over with by the end of the weekend I would abandon it and find something else to occupy myself with.

Before you order a Samaritan Hit Squad to come breaking the door down let me explain that by "life" I mean "the meaning of life". Last week I decided to test my theory that almost any problem could be simplified when represented in a diagrammatic form. The vision of my great life's work came to me as I walked Amy around the Crematorium : "The Meaning Of Life And Other Intractable Problems .... in Diagrams". I needed to attempt a sample page of this opus, and never been one to run from a challenge I decided to start at the very beginning with the meaning of life.

The one problem with a diagrammatic representation of every problem that has ever launched a headache is that the web doesn't do diagrams very well. To get an idea of where I have been for the last six days you will need to see the full size image which can be found on my website.

The big advantage of this venture is that the proposed volume will contain only the problems along with a variety of solutions. This will leave the coast clear for a follow-up volume which will provide the definitive solutions. Until this second volume is completed and published you may be interested to know that the final solution to the first problem outlined above can be obtained from me in return for a £5 cheque or postal order.


  1. (Could this be a Blogger letting me in day?) How do you get into your website, AB? I thought there must be more to it than the front page, but I haven't discovered what to press to access The Meaning of Life, other than using the link in your post.

  2. "More to it than the front page"! Cheeky Monkey. I will have you know that the "front page" took me a bloody week to write. That one, glorious page is all there is on the Meaning of Life (who could want more) ... the other 60 pages will each address a central problem of life using a similar approach. No wonder Blogger won't let you in if you go around insulting bloggers like that.

  3. Sorry! Won't do it again.


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