Thursday, August 09, 2007

Five Go Mad : Day 5

La Palma, Canary Islands Ahoy shipmates. The five continue to have a wonderful time although the endless round of five-course meals, cocktails, and spectacular shows is all becoming a little ordinary now. They have taken to the life of international maritime playboys (and girls) like fish to floodwater. I and E are conducting a detailed survey of shops in the various Atlantic islands and have taken to their task with an impressive enthusiasm. When not shopping they go to on-board lectures of precious stones. H continues to patrol the boat to ensure that things go smoothly. He was barred from the Gym the other day for being overdressed and is thoroughly searched every time he comes back on board. X divides his time between sculpting his hair and dancing the night away in the host of on-board nightclubs. And your respectful correspondent, A, reads, drinks a variety of malts, and each day smokes a very large cigar. Ah bliss.

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