Saturday, August 11, 2007

Five Go Mad : Day 7

Saturday the Something of August Gran Canaria The five are all suffering from too much sun. They talk about rain like old people talking about the summers of their youth. They cover themselves in layers of clothes to protect themselves from the relentless heat. They are driven to walk for long hours in air-conditioned shopping centres. Alexander - no doubt affected by too much sun - has developed an uncontrollable desire for shirts and he buys them in great numbers. His father is driven to drink. Issy and Elaine continue to shop, and shop, and shop. Harry is carrying out an inspection of the Spanish Police Department. They have grown used to the life and the life has grown used to them. Each evening in the Raffles Bar after the concert ends, the waiters have two cocktails of the day, a pint of Newcastle Brown and a pint of Best Bitter waiting for them. It's a hard life but the five are bearing up well.

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