Monday, September 03, 2007

Quizzes, Boats and Pubs

We have just got back from a weekend in Oxford which was a kind of mini News From Nowhere gathering as everyone was there other than the mythical DPH. And what a time was had by all.

Friday night saw what must be one of the first experiments in remote pub quiz playing. Despite being 150 miles away from the pub, two additional teams took part in the Rock Tavern Friday Night Pub Quiz with the final scores being sent to the question master by SMS text. It would have been nice to record a victory for the Oxford Chapter of the Rock Tavern Quiz, but alas it was not to be.

The high spot of the weekend was undoubtedly the demonstration of the radical Osborn Silent Battery Driven Boat Engine. The demonstration involved a leisurely cruise along the Oxford Canal and the River Thames. The party of visiting dignitaries who made the journey can all attest to the fact that (1) the engine indeed works; (2) it delivers a plentiful amount of power; and (3) it is as silent as a church mouse. The photograph shows the proud inventor listening to nothing more than the lap of the bow-wave and the scurrying of a disturbed water rat.

Saturday also provided an opportunity to add two more pubs to 100p Challenge. These have now been added to the section of my website dealing with the challenge. Research for this project is turning out to be a considerable pleasure and I would welcome suggestions of other pubs to add to the list of those I need to visit.
As I said, a most pleasurable weekend.

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