Thursday, September 18, 2008

Further development

Some of us may burn ourselves in sunny Spain, others employ people to mix sand with cement and make walls of brick or block. This picture is of our builder Alan pretending he is laying a block - actually he was posing (unrequested) for knowing I was taking a piccie! His wife had liked the last one Jane had taken showing an earlier stage of this development that we emailed them...
At last the rear extension of our Meadow Prospect development house is starting to take shape other than subterraneanly... and, indeed, the walls are already so high that scaffolding will be needed by next Tuesday...the visible mixture of different colour bricks will be rendered to match the neighbour's house (as visible in the photo), the outside of the yellow bricks on the left can't be rendered in the gap because that's too narrow for anybody to get in to render. The neighbour's extension on the left is very recent and ideally we would have shared a party wall rather than have an unusable gap but such is the way of planning permission delays time did not allow such a sensible plan.

What this picture does not reveal is the huge foundations below, passed by Building Control, or the underpinning connecting these to the existing house. Or that Alan has totally levelled front and rear gardens almost ready already for turfing or paving...etc.. And he with son and Dave and co. nearly have a massive steel beam in place that's going to hold the whole of the middle of the adapted house in place! I had to step over it to hand him the cheque for all these bricks an blocks...

It's coming along. It's good. But will still take ages before it finally comes together. Just as well, the housing market might have recovered enough by the time we are ready to sell.

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