Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Viva Espãna

The reason there has been no postings for the last week is quite simple : I had far better things to do. Like stroll on sun-soaked beaches, walk down marble-paved designer shopping malls (are you jealous yet?), sip cold beer in villages that cling to mountainsides, fight my way through gargantuan sides of beef (admit it, you are getting just a bit jealous), swim in a crystal-clear pool, and - above all else - enjoy the company of two charming hosts. So thank you Jamie and Bev for a massively enjoyable time which will long remain in our memories.

If you would like to see just a little of what we saw, you can check-out the Picasa web album by following the link in the sidebar. I will add some additional pictures to my Daily Photo Blog. But now it is back to reality, back to the credit crunch, back to financial meltdown, and back to nothing better to do other than send News From Nowhere.

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