Friday, October 31, 2008

Back extension

Our house development extension is coming on. Sadly, it's very difficult to take a picture really shows how extensive the extension is! In fact this picture is already "old" - there's already another "window" upstairs on the right - the roofer is coming in next Tuesday to put on a ^ roof on top on the right. Well, the framing. The extension bit on the left stays single-storey with a / (sort-of) sloping roof... matching the house next door (you can just about see the \ slope on their extension.) It's been curious to find that before the walls gained height the floor area of the extension bits seemed really (too!) small... but as the walls went up you could see things as actual future rooms... not huge (they aren't!) but definitely live-able. Although the dull grey building blocks make spaces seem smaller than they will look once plastered smooth and lighter-coloured. Still much to be done... but in fact the main structure of the extension is all-but complete.

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