Monday, October 06, 2008

Wot! No Haiku

There used to be an advert for the brewer Watney Mann which had a character peering over a brick wall with the slogan "Wot, No Watneys" painted on it. I went in search of a copy of it today but was completely unable to find one on the web. There may well be one, but it just isn't indexed under any logical words such a Wot or Watneys. This, in itself, is not important, it is just a surprise these days to find a nil return from the great world-wide web.
Much as I would like to go on about Watneys - the story of the brewery is quite fascinating actually - I haven't time. In fact I have no time to write haiku's, produce postings, or blog in any form at all. This coming weekend is, of course, the Annual Marsden Jazz Festival and therefore I am new deep in leaflets, menus and adverts. So this is merely to assure people that normal blogging will resume as soon as possible. Until then, enjoy a pint of Watney's Draft Red Barrel. Cheers!

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