Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The End Is Nigh

At some point in the not too distant future I will be gone. The end is very close now. Those things which used to be quick and easy now seem to take a mountain of effort and an aeon of time. I must confess that I face the future with a degree of fear and a great deal of trepidation. One hears all sorts of stories about what happens next and I have yet to find anyone who says that life after Windows XP is a better, brighter thing. But Vista awaits and I can no more escape its clutches than I can escape tax ... or death. Having made the necessary (and if you could experience the huffing, puffing, creaking and groaning of my current set-up you would know just how necessary it was) decision to get a new computer I have kept putting the deed off: best to wait until after the summer; I will have more time after Marsden; wait until the stock market recovers ..... that kind of thing. There is obviously a psychological reason for this - something akin to taking your dog on its final journey to the vets. You know you can buy yourself a new puppy but you will have all that wiping up and cleaning up and drying up to face. And all my friends who have already experienced Vista tell me as messy puppies go, Vista could win prizes. I am due to go to the shop this afternoon to make the purchase. That way I can keep the old girl going a bit longer while I toilet train the new model. But it is raining. And there is an episode of Diagnosis Murder I have never seen on TV this afternoon. Perhaps I will leave it until tomorrow.

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