Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Talking of collections, this bag contains nearly all the plumbing connectors for the rest of our house conversion project...bought on Sunday... took me ages to work out what we'd probably need ...
And we also bought a new TV aerial for the development (the roofer bust the old one in passing) - it's amazingly big once put together!
Why now, you may ask, when the house hasn't yet got its new windows? Ah, because that bit of scaffolding is due down fairly soon - the bit makes it relatively easy to reach the chimney and put up the aerial.
Builder Alan is back on the job, I should explain, after 8 weeks recovering from a broken ankle. Meaning - since I expected him to be off at least another week - I had to race around fitting the under-floor plumbing on the ground floor at the W/E before the flooring got in the way. Talk about deadline working. Still, it got done.
Mind you, I'm now so stiff I'll need a week to recover. Perhaps.

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