Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Lifelong Addiction

Whilst scanning some old negatives I came across this image. I can pin down the time and the place quite easily : it was taken on a Geography Field Trip to Skipton when I was in the final year of A Levels - 1966. I think I can name two of the three in the picture. On the left is Robert Ludlam and on the right is Stephen Carter. The name of the one in the middle is long gone. I remember the day quite well. We travelled around the town (I seem to recall we were doing some kind of project on it) looking at rivers, hillsides and housing estates, but spent most of the time in the pub. And from the photographic evidence, it looks as if it was the Royal Oak.

I have always liked pubs. I can think of few places where I am happier than sat in a well-upholstered chair, close to a real fire, in a half-decent pub with a decent pint and a decent book. And one of the great sadness's of this current age is that more and more pubs are closing down. A quick Google search shows that the Royal Oak in Skipton is still going. It is time to make more use of that free bus pass of mine and go in search of the past.

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