Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hazel Thompson : Then And Now

So I turned over the next of Great Uncle Fowlers' postcards only to discover that it wasn't a picture of a street, building or stream, but an Edwardian pin-up.  The picture shows Miss Hazel Thompson posing in a fetching green dress and holding a bunch of red roses. Well, mostly holding : for some reason she is sitting on one of them (could this be some kind of erotic Edwardian language of flowers?).
But the main question is - who on earth was Hazel Thompson and where can I find her now so that I can take an up-to-date photograph of her and compare it with the one from the album? I suspect the answer to the question would involve me in grave-robbing.
But it would be wonderful to know what became of her. The Internet is of little use : the few references there are to her all point towards similar picture postcards. But someone must know. Any offers?

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