Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Modern Lochinvar

So we turn to the next postcard in Uncle Fowlers' collection. The picture is an illustration entitled "Young Lochinvar and Fair Bride Escaping From Netherby Hall" and contains a verse from the epic poem by Sir Walter Scott. The reverse contains another poem : this one penned - as far as I can make out - by Great Uncle Fowler himself. It is entitled "The Modern Lochinvar" and must have been written in the early years of the twentieth century when motor cars were still a rare sight on the roads of Britain. Here it is, published for the first time!    
The Modern Lochinvar 
When young Lochinvar rode out from the west, 
He claimed that his automobile was the best. 
It was painted dark red, and it brilliantly shone, 
He went like a streak, and he rode all alone, 
He shot over ruts, with zipp and a jar, 
And people fled madly from young Lochinvar.   
He stayed not at bridged, 
He stopped not for stone, 
He calmly took all the roads as his own, 
'Till he came to a crossing and smashed through a gate, 
And endeavoured to butt through a train load of freight"   
It will now be quite clear to everyone where I get my poetic abilities from!


  1. A great poem! Very amusing and written with a degree of flair :)

  2. Very nice. i think he and my uncle henry could have exchanged tips. glad I followed the links here from the 100 poem.


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