Monday, January 18, 2010

Postcard Of The Week : Love And Courtship

I am in the midst of holiday preparations, attempting to squeeze 30kg of books and clothes into a 23kg baggage allowance. The situation is made worse by the fact that the Good Lady Wife refuses to allocate room in her suitcase for some of my books. Such unreasonavle behavior made me think about love and courtship and therefore I present you with two postcards from my collection which feature illustrations from the 1938 book "Real Life Problems And Their Solutions".

You can enlarge the images by clicking on them, but in case you still have difficulty with the homily, the words are as follows.

"Love at first sight" is by no means only the ideal of the novelist. If it is experienced by sane and balanced young people it is the happiest and truest kind of love, and may endure for a lifetime; on the other hand, with unstable people it often proves an illusion".

"To make marriage possible many young wives still continue to work. Under such circumstances they must plan as simple and as restful a domestic routine as they can. Otherwise the double task of running home and office will be too great a strain".

What I particularly love is the way, in the second card, a "simple and restful domestic routine" for the working wife includes bringing her husband his tea whilst he reads the newspaper. Ah well, back to the packing.


  1. But I see she is allowed to change her dress and listen to the radio. Enjoy the packing.

  2. Hmm, simple and restful for whom?

  3. The top one is so funny, Alan! That word "unstable" is the key— "illusion"— that is a riot!
    I adhere to that homily of the second one; that's why I'm at home. I must agree with the image though as I don't ever stop working. (Must add that my husband is out of the ordinary in that he is always most helpful.)

    Happy packing (and good luck with the book-smuggling). Do you leave tomorrow?

  4. The last image is the young wife at work, I think. No doubt she makes tea for the boss too! Sounds like your GLW is made of sterner stuff Alan. Have a great holiday.

  5. Love at first sight an illusion! I say! The second card is, thankfully, from another era at this point (one hopes.)

  6. Her behaviour is unreasonable, sure, but maybe you could sneak a few into her bag when she isn't looking?

  7. In defense of your wife- women have a lot to bring with them on holiday- much more than men. And they also tend to shop while away- hence the extra space she needs in her bag :) There. I'm sure she'll thank me for that!

  8. Is there a hint of jealousy of the man in the card? Heh.

  9. I guess i probably shouldn't recommend the Kindle as a substitute for the books. You don't seem like a "real book" kind of guy, but my mother did too (change guy to gal or something) and she got a Kindle and loves it. O.K., don't throw the book at me!

  10. P.S. What I meant to say was "You seem like a real book kind of guy."
    That's it...I'm firing my editor.

  11. Haha . .I've finally been diagnosed as 'unstable'.

  12. Your cruise details now saved to favourites and moved up the list so I can check up on your ship's webcam (big brother will be watching!)

    Personally, when packing, I con (as if) Jane into taking my extra clothes in her case so I have room in mine for my books and puzzles without explaining. I still have to carry both cases, though, so...

    I think the idea a GLW looks after one's every need should be re-instated immediatly. Therefore I daren't call/label Jane GLW. Far too dangerous.

  13. 'Darling, would you like to eat this on your lap?'

    (Distracted male.) 'Yes, please, dear.'

    'Well, here you are, then!' (Tips meal off tray all over his legs.) 'On your lap!'

  14. Maybe the reason GLW doesn't have room for your books is that she is packing her tea set and serving tray for your pleasure on holiday.

    Great postcards and very telling of that era.

  15. LOL at the postcards, Alan. I wonder what constitutes a "simple and restful" routine?

    Enjoy your holiday!

  16. Alan - how do you afford so many vacations?

  17. Poetikat : We leave Thursday.
    Jeffscape : Jealousy? Yes, you are right. I so wish the GLW could take shorthand.
    Christine H : I am seriously considering a Kindle. I have a Kindle reader for my iTouch but it is a pale imitation of the real thing.
    Edwin : I shall wave each evening in front of the webcam at 6.00pm.
    Fran : Love it, love it.
    Chairman B : It's easy, I send the wife out to work.

  18. Anonymous7:51 AM

    Good post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

  19. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Going along with e on this one. I mean really, what does? And the illustrations are good :)

  20. That second card is enough to get this feminist riled!

    Enjoy your vacation.

  21. Alan - ah, keep up the good work!

  22. I love the expression on the face of the woman serving up the tea on a tray. She looks as though she's just about had enough of her man, sitting around reading the paper and smoking.

    You get the feeling he could be wearing his tea at any moment.

  23. Anonymous2:57 PM

    I guess it takes two to tango...
    :) The Bach


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