Sunday, October 24, 2010

Postcards From The Pond 2

Sunday 24 October 2010
Lat : 41 16.24” N Long : 11 13.65” W  (Off the coast of Portugal)

We are beginning to get used to this monolithic vessel that will be our home for the next few weeks, finding our way through the various public rooms, restaurants, bars and theatres, and - with the help of a pint or two of Moorland’s Speckled Hen - finding our way back to our cabin at night. The days are beginning to take on a routine which sees the GLW and myself waking up at about 8.30 and meeting H and E for breakfast about an hour later. For H and E the meal would be more appropriately called Brunch, for H will have already been speed-walking around the promenade deck for an hour or more followed by a visit to the gym. E will have been dusting her cabin or undertaking some recreational ironing.

After breakfast E and the GLW hit the shops or go to some cookery demonstration (I left them this morning heading for a talk by the chef Marco Pierre White) whilst H patrols the boat looking for malefactors (it’s the ex policeman in him). I head for my cabin and try and churn out my target of a 1,000 words a day. By early afternoon targets have either been hit or missed and I can concentrate on the serious business of drinking, snoozing and watching the world float by.

Last night at dinner we got around to talking about lying and ones’ ability to spot a lie when it is told. In order to test out H’s professional ability I told him that during our next days’ dinner conversation I would introduce at some stage an outright lie and it is his challenge to spot it. I will report back on the success of the experiment when I next write - if I am not locked up in the on-board prison cell, that is.

Enough chit-chat for now, I have my 1,000 word target to meet. Until my next postcard from the pond, warmest regards to all.


  1. I'm guessing we can get a view from the onboard web cam?

    When we sent our daughter and son-in-law off on the Oceana, for their honeymoon, we were able to pick up a view of where they were each day. Often, it was just a shot of the horizon, though.

  2. Thanks for the view of 'my cabin' ... hope you're enjoying life on the Ventura.

  3. Sounds like you're having a great time. I'm looking forward to hearing what happens about the Big Lie and whether it's spotted. Happy sailing ...

  4. Lovely postcard--sounds like a very agreeable life at sea.

  5. smooth seas on your transatlantic crossing!

    how fun to be in a moving city as one makes one's way from one side of the pond to the other!!


  6. Where on earth do they put the promenade deck? These modern ships look to me as though they were carved out of a single chunk of whatever and the sides just go straight down. I shall have to see if I can find a "deck plan" for this ship. Hope you are having a grand old time, Alan. What is your destination? I seem to have missed it along the way...

  7. haha...tell H that you jogged a mile before breakfast. :)

    "recreational ironing"?? LOL! Can E come live with me?

  8. Oh I like these postcards form you while you are on your travels. Dusting her cabin sounds a bit grim ;-)
    Keep enjoying your drink or three while you think of a good lie to throw into the conversation.

  9. That looks like a wonderful ship to be on for vacation. A moving house boat, right? Keep on writing and don't tell a lie.


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