Sunday, April 01, 2012

Introducing Lite-Blogging For The Facebook Generation

Last July I decided to close down my Picture Post Blog and move all my blogging activity over to News From Nowhere. A couple of weeks ago, on a whim, I started posting to it again and I must confess I am rather enjoying myself. But if Alan Burnett's Picture Post blog is going to live on, it is going to do so as a "Lite Blog" (you may not have heard of such things as I have just invented the term). AB's Picture Post will be an airy affair, trivial as a tabloid, digestible as a McVite's biscuit and as insubstantial as candy floss. You can scan it quickly without too much thought and move on to something else without feeling any obligation to comment, follow or interact in any way. It will be a tempting combination of junk-food and comfort food, perfect for the modern Facebook world of quick likes and easy smiles.

As in the past, it will feature my photographs old and new with a minimum of words. And just in case you want something lighter still all you need do is to glance at the latest pictures as they appear in the sidebar on this blog. This is blogging for the twenty-first century, blogging for the busy, active, multi-tasking generation. And just in case you have a strange attraction to over-long, turgid, word-rich exercises in self-centred contemplation, my "Heavy Blog", News From Nowhere, will continue on exactly as before.


  1. Will You Be Having A "Page 3" ?

  2. I wondered where that Picture Post blog posted on FB was coming from. I'll definitely have to re-subscribe!

  3. Hey, what about a lite beer and pub blog!
    Wait, lite beer doesn't sound so good for a blog

  4. Your heavy blog is a good thing. Words are good. I think what I like the most about blogging is the interaction with others. Pictures are good too of course. I just like words more.

  5. Sounds fun. Heading to the lighter side now ...

  6. A bit like my blog then....

  7. Anonymous12:13 PM

    People become preachers who can't do anything else. I had also heard people who can't find a real job become schoolteachers.

    Well I had a real job in the Army and then I had a real job in research and development and worked on stuff that was pretty hush-hush at the time. So pilots wouldn't get the retina burned out of their eyes we came up with something called, "Photochromics,"

    That technique is now used to darken the lenses of glasses when you enter or leave a building -- they get darker like sunglasses when you come out of a building and get lighter or clear when you enter. We did them for Atomic Bomb explosion testing at Bikini Atoll.

    I quit that job in R&D and became a schoolteacher. A job I thoroughly enjoyed because I only got to teach high school seniors in their last year of school before graduating and either going on to college or finding a job. I also quit teaching and launched a stay at home business for myself and retired at 41. I had promised my wife I would retire at 40. But 41 was close enough. So I have not drawn a paycheck since 1976.

    1. Anonymous12:14 PM

      After writing all that stuff I forgot to tell you that I like your idea of this blog posting. I also like my two new blogs on WordPress. and

  8. I have no objection at all to your 'heavy' blog - I always find it uplifting. But access to more of your photos will be a treat.

  9. Your photos and humour are always a treat, Alan.

  10. A scrapbook for the new generation like you and me Alan. That's what I like to see! I'm going the opposite direction and assembling a Victorian scrapbook from genuine Victorian bits and bobs. No doubt would upset the purists who would prefer to sell the bits individually in antique markets but I'm quite getting into living in 1895. :)

  11. The longer I blog, the more I think there is to be said for "lite blogging!"


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