Friday, December 06, 2013


According to the news there is a danger of a storm surge in the North Sea which will bring the waves crashing inland. By chance I was watching that item whilst scanning an old negative which was taken, I think, in Bridlington. But who knows, by the end of this morning's high tide, it might be Brighouse-on-Sea.


  1. Is it me, or does 'Brighouse-on-Sea' sound like an oxymoron?

  2. It's always interesting that at one time half the people on the beach were in street clothes.

  3. I guess Bridlington Harbor flooded, which no doubt you have heard. No clues in your photo as to whether this was at Bridlington. As for wearing street clothes on the beach, that MIGHT have something to do with the weather!

  4. You immediately reminded me of that Adrian Mitchell poem, On the Beach at Cambridge.

    I do sometimes imagine the sea rising so that we lived on an island here in the Dales. The North Yorkshire Moors would be another island, 20 or so miles away.



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