Thursday, March 06, 2014

On Discovering A Top Hat And Tails

Uncle Harry has featured a few times on News From Nowhere and I am delighted to announce the discovery of a new photograph which was hidden in a box of old papers that came to light during the excavations up my back passage this week. Harry Moore was born in 1903, so I would imagine that this photograph dates from the early 1930s at a time when he was trying to make a career in entertainment. He married my fathers' sister Annie Elizabeth in 1933 and that event marked the end of his professional stage career, although he worked as a part-time musician right the way through until the 1970s. The recently discovered box is not very big and therefore it is unlikely that the magnificent morning suit and top hat is equally hidden away there. With a family wedding coming up in a few months, that's a pity.


  1. Anonymous2:33 PM

    I must say, 'He looks familiar.'

  2. That is an amazing photograph! I LOVE his suit. He's quite the dapper young fellow. (grin)

  3. Young men were so slim in those days. Fewer sodas, I bet.

  4. So Ginger gave him the elbow?

  5. He's a very dapper young fellow.


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