Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Antiquarian Gulf Stream Drift

It's funny where things end up. This 1920 postcard to Gladys Dawson who was staying at the Royal Bath Hotel in Bournemouth was sent by Billy and Dick (whoever they were). As the postcard both depicts Brighton (the splendid Brighton Marine Palace and Pier) and was posted in the town, we can assume that the aforementioned duo were enjoying the delights of that jewel of the Sussex coast. In that case, what system of cartographical trade winds wafted the card north to end its life in a junk shop in Halifax? Is there some form of antiquarian Gulf Stream drift which means that keepsakes tossed aside in Hove will eventually resurface in Halifax? Or did poor Gladys run short of funds and have to abandon the finery of the Royal Bath Hotel in Bournemouth and return to her terrace house in Brighouse - her stock of memorabilia forming a migratory trail in her wake. Who knows.


  1. Who knows? I think there would be a lot of speculation! Was her place cleaned out by relies after she died?

  2. Who knows indeed? In the far future some archeologist will be shocked to find artifacts from Flamborough, Yorkshire down near San Diego, California.

  3. You just never know when or where the next treasure will be turn up! That was one fancy pier in it's day. I wonder what it looks like today:)


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