Monday, March 03, 2014

Return Of The Excavations Up My Back Passage

As that great philosopher Oscar Hammerstein II once wrote, "it might as well be Spring". But is it? It just depends on who you listen to. If you are a Meteorologists, you would say that Spring started on Saturday whereas if you are an Astronomer you would advise waiting a week or two before casting the a seasonal clout. There again, of course, if you are an Australian or a New Zealander, Spring is as far away as a Yorkshire treat. In our household Spring is marked by the Good Lady Wife declaring it is time to de-clutter the house. And that means, once again, it is time to go excavating up my back passage (for those unfamiliar with the internal architecture of our house, the back passage is a low room full of junk that runs under the eaves of the house).

This year, the excavations take on a renewed urgency as The Lad is due to get married in June and the house has to be prepared to receive visitors. Progress in the Great Spring Excavation is painfully slow, however, as each historical find has to be carefully dusted off and recorded. Five minutes work yesterday brought to light a dusty packet of old negatives just begging to be scanned. I limited myself to scanning one and the result is displayed above.

The figure on the right in that wonderful coat is, of course, the very same Good Lady Wife (when she was merely the Good Lady Girlfriend). It must have been taken in about 1970 and it was outside the doors of Halifax Borough Market where the local branch of the Independent Labour Party used to sell newspapers every Saturday. Happy days. Days when the fight for truth, justice and equality loomed just as large as the fight against accumulated dust and rubbish.


  1. Bloke 2nd from left looks like Ricky Tomlinson.

  2. Great photograph, Alan. By the way, I had several pairs of trousers like that. They just couldn't get on with my footwear, so stayed their distance!

  3. Now that's a classic. Clothes, hair, cause and placards speak of a completely different age.

  4. She looks too tired of the whole thing.

  5. She wants you to finish with the photograph already!

    Good luck with your back passage, I am working on one area..I suppose I could call it a back passage holds some wonderful treasures. :)

  6. That headline was an interest grabber. It looks a sad cold world in that photo. It is hard to tell the difference between Autumn and Spring weather here in Brisbane. We still have beautiful hot sunny days with a slightly cooler change at night.

  7. Oh I love that photo and I miss those days, I can just feel the the dogged sense of purpose in the cold damp air. And the coat is wonderful, I agree.
    What a happy incentive you have for tackling your back passage, congratulations!


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