Saturday, August 01, 2015

Getting A Spell From A Paper Aeroplane

I can go anywhere in my paper aeroplane. Give me an old bit of paper - be it a photograph, a postcard, a banknote, a share certificate, or the wrapper of an old tin of beans - and it has the power to transport me through time and distance with the efficiency of a TARDIS : and at a fraction of the cost.  With an old bit of paper and a half-decent scanner you can find stories, mysteries, tragedies, and endless beauty. It is more than appropriate, therefore, for this paean to paper to highlight an old share certificate for the West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company.

As you can see the share certificate was issued to the Altoona Hospital in Pennsylvania and the journey it went on to get from their corporate safe to my paper-loving hands must wait for another day (and until the statute of limitations has been exceeded).  Today I just want to focus on the share certificate as art and note, in passing, that whilst curvaceous blonds sitting astride globes are common stock for the common stock of many a corporate giant, a pulp and paper company demands something more rugged and masculine. However, I feel it important to warn my readers not to try lifting tree trunks dressed like this at home - you might find that you get a nasty spell in your shoulder.


  1. I think I'd be worried about nasty spells in other parts than my shoulder. Love the way you see behind the obvious.

  2. Nothing says 100 shares of paper pulp than a shirtless guy with a good haircut carrying a utility pole! Whatever did they put on the 1000 share note?


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