Monday, September 28, 2015

Gone To The Moon, Back Soon (Possibly)

Got back from Spain yesterday afternoon after a thoroughly enjoyable week in the sun in Spain with fabulous hosts (thank you Bev and Jamie) and excellent company (thank you Robert and Carrie). This week will have to be a rapid turnaround in the unpacking / packing cycle because next Tuesday we set off .... for Spain! A different part of Spain this time : we are heading for a few days in Valencia and a few days in Madrid, but it is certain to be just as enjoyable. In a comment to my earlier "Gone To Spain" announcement, the inimitable Chairman Bill said "Anyone would think you were retired! You should get a locum for the blog..." which seems like an excellent idea. Applications on the back of a vintage postcard.

All that sitting squashed up in an airline seat brought my sciatica back on and it woke me up at 4.00am. Unable to get back to sleep I decided to see if there was anything of the famous lunar eclipse visible in the skies above West Yorkshire. There was none of the promised blood-red colour, but the moon had quite a nice chunk bitten out of it (to use the scientific expression). The photograph was taken using my recently acquired Sony Cyber-Shot with its astonishing 63x optical zoom. It looks rather nice : I wonder if Jet2 do cheap flights to the moon!


  1. It's just a shadow, for heaven's sake!


  2. Great shot! They probably would do flights to 'the moon' - but it would be a heck of a transfer from the nearest airport. Good luck with the washing...

  3. Very nice! It didn't really look red until it was completely eclipsed. You got a good shot there....much closer to it than the rest of us!

  4. Spain again...I hope you are taking pictures to share! I will never get there so your photos are important! Happy Vacation!

  5. I missed it (of course, don't I always somehow do that). I hope you're feeling better soon. Sciatica is horrid.

  6. I was asleep so it's nice to see everyone else's photos.


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