Sunday, October 09, 2016

Sepia Saturday 344 : The Fellow Travellers

Our Sepia Saturday theme this month is travel, and the odd chap who thinks these things up has given it the title "From Here To There". This is most appropriate for me, as I am in the process of travelling from here to there, and have been doing so for weeks. Of course the "here" and the "there" are constantly changing (today “here” is Huddersfield and tomorrow “there” will be London), and that feeling of not knowing quite where you are or where you are going to, is nicely summed up in this old photograph. It is a selective scan of an old photograph I acquired somewhere on my travels, and - as with all the best photographs - I have no idea who the people are. In the finest meaning of the phrase, they are fellow-travellers.

Have a look what everyone else is doing from here to there by following the links on the Sepia Saturday Blog


  1. Like all proper travellers they are looking at a map. I think.
    Could they be on some sort of paddle steamer?

  2. Men - looking at a map. Well yes, I guess they do, do that. What they don't do is ask directions - much to women's lament. :)

  3. Either a map, or the resident photographer has pinned up the photos from last night’s posh dinner event.

  4. That wooden bench is iconic - I've seen it in photos of ships, train stations, and parks. That gentle curve is ideal for a weary traveler.



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