Monday, January 15, 2018

Kate From Keighley


This picture of my grandmother, Catherine "Kate" Kellam, must  have been taken in 1901 or 1902. At the time of the 1901 census she was living in Middlesborough, working as a waitress in a coffee house. By April 1903 she had settled in Keighley and married my grandfather, Albert Beanland. As far as I can discover she moved to Keighley in the latter part of 1901 or 1902 and became a waitress in a local hotel. The portrait must date from this period - and the black formality of her clothing was probably influenced by the death of Queen Victoria in 1901.


  1. Mutton sleeves notwithstanding, she's a tiny girl!

  2. She was such a beauty as a young woman! I'm glad to hear she had a long life...dying in 1960. You've got some longevity genes!

  3. She is a pretty young woman and I like the dress, although those sleeves are incredible.

  4. I think everything about this photo is wonderful. There are so many details to look at and your grandmother was beautiful. My first thought when I saw this photo was how desperately Anne of Green Gables (in the movie version of about 1980s or so) wanted a dress with puffed sleeves. My last thought is that Kate's waist could fit in one of those puffed sleeves. In fact, most of her upper body could fit in one of those sleeves! Lucky you to have such a fabulous photo.

  5. What a lovely photo a family treasure for sure! Those sleeves are awesome:)


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