Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Such A Long Time Ago

This photograph of my brother Roger and myself must have been taken as we were crossing the River Mersey by ferry on our way to our annual holidays in New Brighton. I must have been about four or five year old at the time and that would mean my brother was nine or ten. It will have been the summer of either 1952 or 1953. Such a long time ago!


  1. Too much nostalgia! You're younger than I am.

  2. This post immediately brought the song "Ferry Cross the Mersey" by Gerry and the Pacemakers to mind. Big hit when I was a boy. Never saw the movie of the same name, though.

  3. I remember it well. Very likely we were aboard the "Royal Iris".

    1. I suspect you are right. Was one of the other boats called the Royal Daffodil, or have I made that up?

    2. You are correct and the photo may have been taken on the Royal Daffodil. The ship's rail suggest the Daffodil as it was an older vessel. The Iris was 1950's modern and even boasted a "ballroom".

      The jacket I'm wearing was bought for me starting Sunnyside Secondary Modern, so that confirms the summer of 1953 as the correct date.


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