Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Severe Defeat

I don't seem to have featured many of Uncle Fowler's postcards recently so here is one which, although not sent by post, does include a written inscription on the back. The photograph is of Langholm New Bowling Green and the Langholm in question is in Dumfriesshire in the Scottish borders. The message on the reverse reads : "This is where we got the severest defeat this season. Score : Langholme New 95; Longtown 62; No. Against 33". From the quick search I have just undertaken it seems that Langholm New Bowling Club is still in existence. When I undertake my long-promised visit to this area I will be able to check whether the rather solid and angular building next to the green still stands out proud against the border hills.

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  1. Dear Alan

    I enjoyed reading about your uncle's postcard involving Langholm New Bowling Green. My name is Stuart Tedham and I am a local historian here in Langholm. My town despite having only 2000 inhabitants continues today to have two bowing greens on either side of town. The large building behind the green was Langholm Academy and today still stands, serving as Langholm Primary School.
    I hope I've have been of some use to you and one day you can visited my town.

    Best wishes

    Stuart Tedham


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