Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Path Between The Seas

Is it just me, or do other people find that they can't read the same type of books in the morning as they can at night? This strange idiosyncrasy is not new : for as long as I can remember I have only been able to read fiction at night and non-fiction in the morning. This means that I have to have two books going at the same time and twice as much space on my bedside table as most other people.
Yesterday I took delivery of a new Morning Book : David McCullough's story of the construction of the Panama Canal, "The Path Between The Seas". It is not exactly new : I did own a copy of this substantial and fascinating book some years ago and I started to read it just before my first trip up the Panama Canal. But I had left the task too late : the book was too long and my part-transit was too short and I never got further than the introductory chapters. This time I am making an early start - my full transit of the Canal isn't until next January. The book is as readable and informative as I remember which means that I should get through it in the next few weeks. I will need to, as once I have finished I need to pass it on to two other families in the Crosspool Cruise Club. 
So there will be a few lengthy morning lie-ins over Easter as I follow the path between the seas.

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