Friday, March 30, 2007


I was catching up with the latest edition of the Best of Jazz from the BBC Radio website when I noticed an announcement to the effect that the programme will be taking a break and in future will consist of two 13 week series per year. After presenting the programme for 40 years, you might thin that Humphrey Lyttelton deserves a well-earned rest. But no, Humph - now in his 86th year - declares he wants to spend more time touring with his band!

Last year we were lucky enough to have Humph and his band as guests at the Marsden Jazz Festival. During a brief photo shoot before the concert I had the opportunity of meeting him. He is a lovely man : that phrase - so often overused - is the ideal description. Later, he gave the Marsden audience a night to remember. If having half a year without a regular weekly dose of Humph is the price we have to pay for more people being able to experience the joy of him and his band playing live, well so be it.

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