Thursday, August 02, 2007

Five Go Mad On The Canary Islands

As many of my friends already know, I am about to set off on holiday. On Sunday, my wife, my son and myself, along with our good friends Harry and Elaine, set sail on the good ship Aurora bound for Madeira, the Canary Islands, Lisbon and Spain. Can I therefore take this opportunity to thank all my friends for the many e-mails they have sent me over the last few days. E-mails. drawing my attention to the fires in the Canary Islands, the outbreak of legionella on cruise ships, heavy snowfall in Madeira, street crime in Lisbon, and the dangers of plague and piracy in Vigo. It is such a comfort to know one has such good friends watching out for your safety and happiness.

For those who wish to follow our progress through the Atlantic Islands over the next couple of weeks, please take a look at the Aurora webcam. I had intended to host a special holiday blog (Five Go Mad On The Canary Islands) but I decided that holidays are for changes and therefore I will try and stay away from the on-board computer room. Just in case I cannot resist the temptation I will post messages to the NfN blog.

So boo-hoo to the lot of you. I hope it rains back here in the UK. I'm heading for the sun.

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