Tuesday, May 20, 2008

YouGov, That's Right You Gov.

Talking about More or Less. There was an interesting discussion on the programme the other week about Opinion Polls. The debate focused on whether the new generation of on-line opinion polls are more accurate than traditional telephone polls (it seems that they were more accurate in predicting the outcome of the recent London election). Not being familiar with the on-line polls I investigated further. The main one in the UK is an organisation called YouGov which carries out regular opinion polling on political and related issues. Having always enjoyed expressing my opinions about anything under the sun, I immediately joined the YouGov panel and I anxiously await the first poll which comes rattling into my in-tray. In the spirit of democracy I would encourage everyone to become involved in the YouGov panel : it is a way for the little man, Joe Public, and the man on the 49 bus to ensure that their views are taken into account. As a public service I have therefore included a link to the YouGov site in the Links List to the left of this posting. Please use it to sign on.

(It has been suggested in some quarters that I have only included the link because I get a fee for every one of my friends I persuade to join the YouGov panel. This is a scandalous accusation which I reject out of hand. My support of the excellent YouGov service is based on a profound belief that it will foster democratic representation, human happiness, brotherly love, and apple pie, rather than by the prospect of financial gain)

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