Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Development or Devastation?

There it was, a pefectly good 1936 house, and now (left) the back-addition kitchen is gone, the upstairs has no partition walls (centre) and it's all the work of builder Alan (right.)

The house also now has new water supplies (two because there are going to be two flats,) new electric supplies and the beginnings of new gas supplies. There are huge inspected trenches at the rear (below centre) awaiting concrete for the foundations of the new back (large) extensions. The huge muddy trench shown in an earlier posting is filled in (new service pipes etc. below,) and now there are no ceilings (below left) or partition walls nearly anywhere.
Huge steel girders lurk in the garden, waiting to be fitted to hold the house together properly again and support the chimney above the demolished fireplaces..... the garden is full of a mountain of rubble and mud (below right.)
Ah well, this is progress... should look nice eventually!
(Help, I can't get the photos in quite the right places..!)

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  1. Before anyone writes in asking for estimates, can I point out that "Builder Alan" is not the same person as "Blogger Alan".


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