Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Charge of the Light Brigade

So where did you go over the Bank Holiday weekend? Blackpool for the day? Alton Towers? For a walk in the park? Well I went to the Danish Museum of Electricity, so there! Well, actually, I virtually went there which is not quite the same, but when you are stuck inside updating the Marsden Jazz Festival website you have to make do with whatever you can get. From what I virtually saw it looks like a fun place, the kind of destination that would occupy many a damp Bank Holiday afternoon. And if you don't want to travel to Denmark, the museum's interactive, user-friendly, and information-packed website is almost just as good. When you enter the site (this is the website we are talking about) you are faced with two alternatives. The first is entitled - for reasons probably lost in translation - the energy and fun picnic and is organised according to age group. Thus by clicking on the picture of a young child you get child-friendly exhibits and by clicking on the picture of the old wrinkly you get loads of stuff about the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Quite a clever idea actually.
The second alternative takes you to what is called the "Knowledge Hub" where information is grouped by topic. From here there are links to sections dealing with electricity production, thunder and lightening, nuclear energy, hydrogen fuel cells and many similar topics. You can happily browse your way along the virtual corridors and stop off and look at some of the special exhibitions (I can heartily recommend the "Ignition - Currents of Modernism Around 1900" Exhibition).
Thanks to the Danish Electricity Museum I had an informative and entertaining Bank Holiday day out. For that reason it becomes my digital resource of the week.

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