Thursday, August 07, 2008

Scrap Book

I have always liked cutting out pictures and sticking them in books. One of my earliest memories is of being taken into travel agents by my parents to collect travel brochures advertising holidays in exotic parts of the world. The purpose of this exercise was not to research possible holiday destinations, but to obtain a free supply of pictures which I could then cut and paste in albums. In later life I would keep extensive press cutting collections and scrap books full of pictures clipped from newspapers and magazines.

In terms of my clipping activities, the transition from actual to digital has been a long and complex one. But at long last I am now happy with my digital press cutting system (Delicious - which can be accessed via the link in the sidebar) which underwent a new systems update at the beginning of this month which has improved the functionality immeasurably). So I am now free to experiment with my picture-clipping system and for that I am currently using a public Google Notebook album which can be accessed by following this link. Into it goes all those third party images which seem to either say something or are just nice to look at.

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