Tuesday, August 05, 2008

In Cannes Last Week

Returning from holiday is a bit like starting a new year - if you will excuse the twisted metaphor - it's time for Spring Cleaning. So over the coming days I will be trying to re-organise, restructure and reconstitute my many blogs. A spirit of consolidation is in the air. I will illustrate the process with this picture of three heads taken - as far as I remember - last week in Cannes. The reason I am using this image is simply that I have always wanted to type the phrase "taken - as far as I remember - last week in Cannes". What a supreme phrase this is : illustrating that I am a fully-fledged international playboy whilst at the same time suggesting that continental travel is such a normal part of my lifestyle that I can't really remember whether I took it in Cannes or Florence, or Portofino, or ... Actually it might have been in Brighouse.

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