Monday, November 30, 2009

Everybody Loves My Baby (in Aspen)

A number of weeks ago I received an invitation to Mr Toast's First Annual Christmas Tea which is being held tomorrow (1st December) in Aspen, which I believe, is some distance away from my native Huddersfield. Having left things rather late in the day, I am now in a panic as I try to undertake last minute travel arrangements and collect my dinner suit from the dry cleaners. However one thing I have managed to arrange in advance is a little musical celebration which I feel will be in the finest traditions of transatlantic harmony - a thoroughly British ensemble performing a thoroughly American song. "Everybody Loves My Baby" was written by the New Orleans jazz musician and composer, Spencer Williams, in 1924. I have arranged for it to be played by the remarkable Temperance Seven whom I have had the pleasure of seeing at the Marsden Jazz Festival on a number of occasions. I have arranged for the band to make its own way to Aspen, so just in case they are delayed in tansit, here is a little preview of their performance.

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  1. I have a Temperance Seven CD (Pasadena & The Lost Cylinders); liked them since I first heard them many moons ago. The dulcit tones of Whispering Paul McDowell and others on such classics as; 'Chilli Bom Bom'; 'My Mama's in Town'; Ukulele Lady' and 'Vo Do Do De O Blues'. Maybe it says more about the listeners than the Band. Anyway, I've always liked them, and it's good to see I'm not alone, although my wife thinks them rather strange, and so I fall into that category by association.

  2. You've set me straight there - I had assumed that Aspen and Huddersfield were merely a stone's throw away...

    Hope you have a great time and that the jazz does its stuff.

  3. Perfect song for the occasion, Alan. Ta-ta...see you at Toast's Tea!

  4. Crikey, I didn't know it was a proper dressing up occasion, I'd better get the fancies out of the wardrobe double quick.
    I'd forgotten all about Temperance Seven.

  5. Hmmmmmmm..... Aspen figures into my next short story (if only by reference) -- if I EVER get it finished.

    Can't believe you will come all the way to Aspen, Alan, and not continue to Washington State to visit me. But then, my tea is Earl Grey and my Canadian friend tells me that I might as well drink motor oil. Sheesh. Canadians!

  6. how delightful... have fun! xo

  7. That's a hot version of a really good tune! Thanks for the introduction to the Temperence Seven--I'll be looking them up!

    Have a grand time in virtual Aspen.

  8. Sheesh better get crackin! It's the first here already!

  9. I love that version of the fun! Glad you retrieved that suit from the dry cleaners! Looking forward to seeing you there!

  10. Oh, my! I've not yet begun to pack. Thanks for the reminder. Look forward to hearing more Temperance Seven. See you soon.

  11. Absolutely perfect, Alan. I love the music. Their addition will be very well received. I will have them play in the background during the tea itself.

    With the wonders of the internet, I'm quite sure we can get you on a Concorde -- they only fly to Aspen now. After all, the only ones who can afford it are all the stars who live up there. But, in virtual travel it's all quite free you know. Can't wait to meet you, dear sir.

    I am adding you to my fellow write up promoters with a little tidbit about your fine addition to the Tea. Of course, we won't expect you to record all the events here due to the time difference, but you always can the next day, if you like! How very delightful.

  12. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Well I love the jazz band. Will be ready to meet you and looking forward to it. Tom Jones will be with me but will not perform until later in the evening. Am not familiar with this band but I love any kind of music.

  13. ............hurry, hurry before those rascally bloggers eat all my trifle! I'm so looking forward to chatting with you as we have something huge in common, our mothers were both named Gladys!

    Love the music, perfect for tea, see Mr. Toast will have it playing as we nibble and sip.

    Forget that lonely Aspen and head on over to Colorado.....we're awaiting your arrival.



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