Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Twitter For Gentlefolk : Postcard From Cedarville

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Oh what delights have been dropping through my letterbox since I started the Gentle Twitter Project and this postcard from the delightful Betsy Brock of Cedarville Ohio (and the wonderful My Five Men Blog) is up there amongst the very best. Betsy has not only managed to find me a vintage postcard, but one with a British connection. It is a postcard which started its life in London in the early twentieth century and came full circle and recrossed the Atlantic 90 years later. In keeping with the wonderful synchronicity that seems to permeate blogging, I have stayed at the Imperial and therefore the choice of card is extra special. However, the hotel looks very different these days than it did in the postcard image above. During the 1960s, it was extensively "redeveloped" and now presents a functional concrete facade to Russel Square. If the glory of the original Victorian hotel has faded, the joy of connecting with friends throughout the world - whether by postcards or blogs - has not. Thank you Betsy.


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  1. It's so much fun to see and read these postcards. So glad you are doing this.

  2. Thanks, Alan! This was a lot of fun. I'm glad to know you've stayed at the Imperial! Also, you should know that Spencer has my postcard up on his new bulletin board above his computer. :)


  3. Great post, Alan. Your gentle tweeting is going from strength to strength.

    I've stayed at the Hotel Russell. Not sure where that is in proximity to The Imperial.

  4. Ooh I'm in. Got three on the way and received yours yesterday (well probably earlier but we were interstate) Normal programming resumes Friday. Bless Mwah!

  5. Several interesting bits of history here. The postcard's, the hotel's, and your own (in relation to the Imperial)... And it's no surprise that Betsy chose her entry into TFG so carefully. Fun read, all around!

  6. Aww isn't Betsy so nice
    Going all vintage with some spice
    A nice little read and postcard it was
    Betsy is so nice just because
    But that I will never admit
    When she makes me have a fit..lol

  7. @Pat:

    I guess you do think Betsy's "nice."
    You used the word not once, but

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  9. Well, I DO like things that come in threes! Even compliments. :)

  10. What a well travelled postcard and so much more significant for being somewhee you had stayed. What a shame the impressive frontage of the hotel was relaced by functional concrete!! Do these people have no taste? No sense of history? No appreciation for the original or grand?

  11. Just home from Ottawa, Ontario. Your postcard from there will be dropped in the mail tomorrow Alan. I couldn't mail it from there as I did not know how much postage to put on it!

  12. Lovely card and post, Alan!

  13. eh gads just the words 'functional concrete' sends shivers up my spine!!the refashioning sounds dreadful..nice that the russel's splendor lives on in vintage postcards and sweet memories.

    alright betsy for bringing things around!

  14. nice. leave it to betsy to go the extra step you know...smiles. nice postcard...

  15. Nice One From Betsy. A Wonderful Journey.Alan,I wonder what your postman thinks of his deliveries??!!!


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