Monday, February 11, 2013

New Month, New Plan.

Now, I know what you are going to say. You are going to say "Hang on a minute, surely it can't be March yet, whatever happened to February?" But time flies when you are enjoying yourself and you have been enjoying my February experiment with News From Nowhere Weekly so much you hadn't realised that February had flown by at the speed of a Boeing Dreamliner, and here we are in March with a new Blogging experiment. If February was the month of regular weekly order, March will be defined by irregular chaos.

(What this means is simply that after one week I have decided to terminate the weekly publication experiment on the grounds of health and safety : the resulting mega-publication was in danger of straining the loyalty of my followers.)

But before we dip our toes into the shallow end of the swimming pool of chaos, we have unfinished business - the answers to last weeks' pub quiz questions. here they are :
  1. What is the maximum number of Friday the 13th there can be in any one year?  The maximum number is 3, although it is more normally 2. there were 3 in 2012, the next time this happens will be in 2026.
  2. What is the modern name of the city that once was called Byzantium?  The modern name is Istanbul and before that it was known as Constantinople.
  3. Which author wrote Strangers On A Train, and who directed the film of the same name?  The author was the divine Patricia Highsmith, the film was directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
  4. Which comic creation of the Belgian cartoonist, HergĂ©, first appeared in print in 1929? The splendid reporter and adventurer Tintin (and his dog, Snowy)
  5. Which British statesman died aboard HMS Hampshire in 1916? It was Lord Kitchener, the Secretary of State For War. He died when the ship was sunk by a German mine.
  6. On which island was the singer Freddie Mercury born? The island of Zanzibar which is part of the African country of Tanzania.
  7. Who said, "The first time I see a jogger smiling, I'll consider it"?  It was Joan Rivers, but I wish it had been me!
  8. In the Dickens' novel, what are the names of David Copperfield's two wives? His first wife was the somewhat ethereal Dora Spenlow and after she had died he married his childhood sweetheart, Agnes Wickfield.
  9. What are the two main ingredients of the drink Kia Royale?  Creme de Cassis and champagne (or fizzy white white if you are a cheapskate)
  10. In which decade were the terms "blog" and "blogging" first used?  All the way back in the 1990s!


  1. Chaos? In terms of frequency, what does this mean???

    Please don;t go away.

  2. Your readers love you, Alan...whether you post daily or irregularly. :) The term blogging was from the 90's? Who knew?!

  3. Whenever you write, we'll read. Frequency doesn't matter.

  4. Oy, I see what you did here, Alan. The olde switcheroo to keep us on our toes.
    "If I ever see a blooger smiling, I'll reconsider it."

  5. As and when, Alan, I'll still be tuning in for my News From Nowhere!

  6. I often smile when I jog - so wander round Wensleydale at your peril! :)

  7. Just go with the flow. don't lock yourself into deadlines. whenever you can will do. That's my blogging philosophy.

  8. ah me some Tintin...blogging has been around that not realize that....good to see you sir...smiles.

  9. Don't worry about regularity, that is for buses and trains and bodily functions. All else is about when and how, and why and now. just go where the belly guides, but keep it coming.

  10. Well thank goodness I thought perhaps you lost your marbles or that nap I had was really long! What ever you write..we will read..I did enjoy that story about the old certainly can weave a tale:)

  11. How kind of you Alan to consider your followers in this way.

  12. No. 4 reminded me of a series we used to watch as children in the '60's, it was a story of a dog whose name was Rin Tintin. Get another quiz going, although I didn't know any of the answers, it was fun!


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