Monday, March 31, 2014

That's What I Was Taking A Photograph Of

It's a look most amateur photographers are familiar with; a look that says "what on earth is he taking a photograph of?" You take photographs of Blackpool Tower or Piccadilly Circus or your Edith's wedding, not a nondescript street in Bradford. But Blackpool Tower is still there in all its glory and Piccadilly Circus is still crowded with all that traffic .... but most of the buildings in my old photograph have been flattened by the bulldozers. The trolley bus lines over the street have long been removed and the trolley buses have been consigned to a museum. The chap with the trilby hat will be no more and the mini skirt will have shrunk to a memory. That's what I was taking a photograph of.


  1. I wish we still had trolleys. :)

  2. Excellent point. When you look at old photos, it's the past looking back at you. Nostalgia's not what it used to be though.

  3. But of course you were!


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